About me

I’m a Portuguese graphic designer, having been working on the publishing business for the last 14 years. Most of this time I’ve been working on the best selling Portuguese newsmagazine, Visão, from Impresa Publishing.

My interests as a professional started growing outside editorial graphic design and so I’ve started the blog whatype with my companion of a life time Joana. With this new platform to publish my own work, I’ve experimented mostly with poster design, typography, infographics and data visualization.

Some of my work from whatype was mentioned and republished around the web. But it was in the field of data visualization that I’ve got the best recognition, having been named one of Business Weeks’ The 21 Heroes of Data Visualization. I’ve also had the pleasure of being interviewed by Maria Popova for her amazing site Brain Pickings.

The world of data visualization took me a step further along my interests and I learned to use Flash in order to animate and share my graphics online. This lead me to do some work for Visão’s website.

Seeing myself mostly as a journalist, the interactive possibilities that (back then) Flash allowed made me investigate more and, apart from the amazing work from The New York Times multimedia department, I’ve found some very inspiring work, from which MediaStorm and LaInformacion rise above the others.

When I’ve first heard of the iPad launch I knew this was going to be a device that would change the way we distribute and consume content.

I’ve been working as a consultant for Innovation Media Consulting Group  in conceptualize, prototyping and designing iPad apps for more than a year now. We’ve worked with various media brands such as Corriere dela Sera, Gazzetta dello Sport, Paris Match, Elle à Table or International Herald Tribune. Our main goal is to innovate the way news media publishers tell their storys. We advocate the investigation and use of new digital narratives.

From January of 2011, I’ve moved from Visão and became the Design Coordinator for Impresa Publishing, regarding new platforms. So far, we’ve launched iPad applications for our main titles Visão, Expresso, Caras and Exame. Other titles and platforms will follow.

We all know this is just the start of an incredible revolution. With that in mind, I’ve started this new blog to share my thoughts and start a conversation with every one of you out there.

If you’d like to contact me, here is how you can do it:

Drop me a line at psesinando@gmail.com

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I would love to ear from you. Thank you so much for reading digital-distribution.org


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