Infographics? Yes please, it’s how your brain works


Let’s start this article with a simple test: please answer the following question: “How many teeth does a enraged pit-bull have?”. The answer: “A lot!!! Many more than any of us would ever want to know.” As Steven Pinker points out on his book ‘How The Mind Works’, “Gossip is a favorite pastime in all … Continue reading

Digital storytelling made easy!


On my last article I’ve written about interactive infographics on tablets and the problem facing newsrooms around the world. Where previously newsrooms where able to produce such graphics for their online publications using Adobe’s Flash, for the iPad that knowledge was no longer useful. On the same article I mentioned a new software, named Hype, … Continue reading

It’s time to show, not to tell!


Show, don’t tell is one of Innovation’s Media Consulting mantras and one I’m very happy to share (disclaimer, I work as a consultant for Innovation). The idea is that infographics or visual journalism present a great, engaging way for publishers to share their stories with their readers. Not only visual journalism is one engaging way … Continue reading

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